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Russian Dolls

Thank you to the guys at Flatties for having me as a part of Codename: Babushka. This is such a great idea for a project and i’m really happy to be a part of it! There’s 15 artists involved in the project (head here to see a list) each artist’s set is then split up, muddled about with the other dolls and put back together at random, so you will receive 5 pieces of original art from 5 different artists! A Set of 5 russian dolls is £140, they also offer a payment plan, details here.

Codename Babushka is designed for the ulitmate blindbox experience and collectors in mind. Russian Dolls have been sent to all the artists below, each artist has a nest of 5 russian dolls starting at 5.5″ and shrinking down to 1.5″. They have been commissioned to create 5 artworks which will fit back inside each other. Once completed and collected up at Flatties HQ we will mix them all up and put them into blindboxes.

I handpainted my wooden dolls  with acrylics in thin layers, leaving the woodgrain exposed underneath. They are then sealed with layers of lacquer for protection and shine. Each doll in the set is inspired by a different animal, going up in size: Hamster, rabbit, red panda, lemur, ram.

Russian Dolls

Painting and watching Big Brother 

Update: My pieces for the show are available to buy online here :)

I have some work on display at the Meth and Hot Dogs 2 show at the end of the month. These plush Bunnypillars are an idea i’ve been wanting to try out ever since i did my Bunnypillars painting a while back. Each Bunnypillar plush has a handcast, handpainted resin face set onto a plush body. Each Bunnypillar has then been potted in a real plant pot, and finished with faux ‘mud’. Each one is handmade with love in the A Little Stranger studio and features a woven A Little Stranger tag.

The Bunnypillars (available individually for $40 each) and the last two remaining large copies of the prints (11.5″ x 16.5″) will be available to buy at the show.

Meth & Hot Dogs 2 is a celebration of character art in all its forms. The exhibit will bring together a group of artists whose illustrations, plush, custom toys, sculptures and paintings show an appreciation for the demented, cute and strange. M&HD2 opens April 30th at Lift Designer Toys & Gallery in Royal Oak, MI. Check out the complete list of participating artists!

Meth & Hot Dogs 2, Saturday, April 30th | 7-10pm LiFT Designer Toys & Gallery, 228 W. 4th St. Royal Oak, MI, USA

Bunnypillars for Meth & Hot Dogs 2

Bunnypillars for Meth & Hot Dogs 2

Bunnypillars for Meth & Hot Dogs 2

Bunnypillars for Meth & Hot Dogs 2

Bunnypillars for Meth & Hot Dogs 2

Sale on all prints in the A Little Stranger Shop. All sizes from mini prints to A3 posters, up to 50% off until January 30th, visit the shop.

Art Print Sale

New to the shop is the Octo-Yeti print. Limited edition of 30, professionally printed in short runs. High quality giclee print on archival acid-free matte heavyweight paper, Archival pigment inks. The original painting was acrylic on paper.

Available in 8.5 x 11″ and 11.5 x 16.5″

To celebrate the opening of the new A Little Stranger Shop I’ve added two new prints, White Monster and Tentacle Hair. Each is a large 16.5×11.5″ print each limited to  20 prints. Professionally printed, high quality giclee prints on archival acid-free matte heavyweight paper, using archival pigment inks.


I’m posting my Week in Pictures a day early this week cause tomorrow i’m *finally* launching the new A Little Stranger shop!  Its been a long crazy journey, lots of late nights behind the scenes getting it all up and running, but it’ll be online and starting off with an Easter weekend sale. But enough of that, on with the pictures!



This is a short and sweet post this week as lots of the things i’ve been up to this week i can’t post pictures of just yet, i’ve been super busy with not so much time for my personal projects. I’ve also been working on a Christmas instructable for Monday that i’m *really* excited about sharing!! :) Also my camera memory card died so i didn’t take any pictures last weekend apart from the ones at Eddie Izzard, woopsie!



Heres a couple of quick snaps of some paintings i’ve been working on the last few weeks. They’re all acrylic on paper, i work in a sketchbook because its easy for me to carry around, the one in the pictures is A3 i want to see if i can get a bigger one!


I’ve just finished adding some new prints to my shop, they all feature character illustrations on a simple white background.

5 x 7″ prints are £6

4 x 5.5″ Mini prints are £4.50

All my prints are professionally printed in short runs. High quality giclee print on archival acid-free matte heavyweight paper with archival pigment inks. The original painting was acrylic on paper.

Click here to visit the shop.

balloonHolly xox

I have just added some new smaller versions of my Sea Creatures , Bunnypillars and Snow Bear prints to the shop. These new sized prints are the same high quality proffessionally printed artworks, just a smaller size to make them more affordable :)

8.5 x x11 inch prints are only £11

Click here to visit my shop


Holly xox

This months featured desktop is this happy little octo-monster.

Avaliable in: Fullscreen / Widscreen / iPhone


Holly xox

I am *very* excited to announce these new prints  of my paintings for sale in my store. They are large (A3) professionally printed high quality giclee prints in archival pigment inks on archival acid-free matte heavyweight paper.

My web address will NOT exist on your print, Each print is signed on the back.

Also, as an introductory offer ALL the prints in my shop are 10% off!

Click here to visit my shop!

Sea Creatures


Phew! Finished work for the Christmas holidays now, i have two lovely weeks off! I have some gifts to wrap and then i’m all ready for Christmas. I have a couple of projects i want to work on while i have some free time, i’m most excited about this Sackboy pattern i’m going to knit. I bought the magazine and wool a couple of weeks ago and i’ve had to hide them under my bed so i wouldnt be tempted to start it and neglect finishing off christmas presents ha ha!

To help spread a bit of festive cheer here is my Snow Bear painting transformed into a desktop for your computer or iPhone.

Click here to see: Fullscreen / Widscreen / iPhone


It occured to me when making my dads birthday card that i can only paint cute stuff, or cute stuff thats been zombie-fied! ha! :D

My dads favourite colour is blue, so i painted him a very-blue bear!

Dads birthday cardHolly xox

I have just added 3 new prints to my shop; Purple Creature, Ladybird and Insides Out, limited to 30 pieces each.

They are fine giclee prints and come in a mount ready to frame or i can have them framed for you at an extra cost. :D

3 New Prints in my shop!


A new print is avaliable now in my shop called Snow Bear. I have one that is framed and ready to hang in a vintage frame here . Or it avaliable as a ready to frame print in mount here .

This has been one of my favourite pictures to paint, i hope you like it too!

Snow Bear framed printHolly xox

Im really excited about this! Its been a long time in the doing but i am now selling prints in my new Etsy shop. Each painting is limited to 30 giclee prints and then hand embellished, numbered and signed.

I’m a bit overwhelmed by how popular they have been so far and i have sold nearly half of my stock, i would have been happy to have only sold one! :D

For sale here

Prints for sale!

I am still moving house and working on some fun things that i will post pictures of soon. But for now here is yet another photo of a painting :P

Magic tree (more…)

These drawings are from around a year ago, before i got into painting. I liked spending ages going over all the black lines making them pointy but it got a bit too much after a while, my drawings got more and more elaborate and i got a bit OCD about the lines. All i can see when i look at these is how wonky they are 0__0

An old sketch


Im in the middle of moving house and sewing studio so things have been a bit slack on the toy making front. I’m working on a toy for a halloween show in new york and i will get some pictures as it starts to take shape, its a bit different to what ive been doing before but *fingers crossed* it should turn out nice!

I did this earlier this year but i’m not sure exactly when.

My friend the monster


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