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After making the plain white DIY plush Dunnies i wanted to have a go at customising one. This little guys is 6″ tall and made up in a fine cotton polkadot fabric, with vintage lace embelishments on his tummy. I had been holding onto these little cameo buttons for a while and this just seemed like the perfect project for them, they give him a victorian-y/steam punk look. This is is a soft, squishy plush Dunny made from an original pattern by Holly Stanway, it’s not a vinyl custom :)


After all the work i did on my Applehead custom Dunny it really got me to thinking, what would Dunny look like in plush? so i made a couple! These guys are 6″ and 3″ respectively and made from off-white felt, in a DIY kinda stylee. These are soft, squishy plush Dunny’s made from original patterns by Holly Stanway, not vinyl customs :)

Edit: I also made a red polkadot plush Dunny


Treeson is one of my favourite vinyl toys ever so i was very enthusiastic about  making a plush version! I’ve actually been sitting on this for a little while but thought i should get on and share pictures :) He came on a day out with us in London at the weekend.



This is a short and sweet post this week as lots of the things i’ve been up to this week i can’t post pictures of just yet, i’ve been super busy with not so much time for my personal projects. I’ve also been working on a Christmas instructable for Monday that i’m *really* excited about sharing!! :) Also my camera memory card died so i didn’t take any pictures last weekend apart from the ones at Eddie Izzard, woopsie!


I have produced a very limited run of Monster ornaments and Monster ornament kits, only 5 of each. Each of the 5 monster ornaments are different and would look great hung on your Christmas tree. If you want to be the first to know when new items go on sale add me on twitter, or join my mailing list. Also up for grabs are the two ornaments from last Mondays Instructable.

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Introducing a totally new type of creature to my shop!

Introducing a totally new type of creature to my shop! This is the plush i showed some in-progress picture of a little while back, here. Unlike my other plushes who have cast resin faces and painted eyes this little guy has a hand-sculpted face with glass eyes. No molds or patterns were used in his creation so he will/cannot ever be produced again. He is for sale here. Edit: Sorry, he’s now sold.


New blue sleepy monster

I have been busy working my way through my list of custom orders, here are the latest  – this one is on her way to Italy! She was really fun to make, i loved picking out all the fabrics that tone together. Her body is made from super soft brushed jersey fabric like you’d use for baby clothes :)

Heres a peek at some work I did for my good friend and super duper illustrator Phil Corbett. This cute little lion was Phils submission for the London 2012 Oylmpics mascot. I love working with Phils designs because they’re soooo cute and translate so well to plush! Check out more of Phils work on his blog: Calamari Royale

View more of my professional portfolio here

Florence has been transformed into the latest A Little Stranger desktop for your computer or iPhone

Florence is a octogirl who never fitted in at the bottom of the sea, so she came to land to make some friends. She smokes Marlboro reds

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I just finished this. She’s a brand new design, the very first one of her kind and she is now for sale in my shop. She’s based on some painting’s i’ve been doing, ill have to get some snaps of those too! She is quite big and really squashy, with a bean bag in her bum so she’s like a weeble – she wobbles about but wont fall over :)

As usual she has a hand cast, handpainted resin face sculpted by me. Her antennaes have wire in so you can bend them around. Next on my list is having a go at making a little version.

She is totally one of a kind and unique, and  you can buy her here. Edit: Sorry she is now sold

Latest plush


Turquoise sleepy monster

Just added this sleepy monster to my shop

“This little monster is a one-off art toy. Each toy i make is totally unique and will not be made again, she is the only one in the world! Also this is a new face sculpt that i have only used for private work up until now, it has not been available for sale.”

She’s around 12″ tall (not including her ears) Her face is an original sculpt by me, which i then hand cast in resin. The face had been airbrushed and painted painstakingly by hand before being sealed with 3 layers of shimmer-matte lacquer all over that sparkles slightly when the light catches it. She has weighted feet and a weighted bottom and free moving teddy bear joints in her shoulders and hips so she can sit and stand unassisted. Her head is sewn on but still has enough movement to allow you to pose her easily.

Her body is made from high quality bobbly turquoise fabric, and she has soft whitel paws. Her head is made from thick luxury two-tone curly fur, with white fluffy ears. She has a puffy curly bears tail too :)

Click here to buy her Edit: Sorry she has now sold :)

Turquoise sleepy monster

Turquoise sleepy monster

Turquoise sleepy monster

Turquoise sleepy monster

Custom Kitty Cat

Its raining today and i can’t get nice pictures  outside so heres some quick snaps of my latest custom – a ginger kitty cat. The weather in the UK is up and down lately to say the least so hopefully ill be back tomorrow with some better pictures, i have a couple of new things to share :)

Custom Kitty Cat

Custom Kitty Cat

I took my latest custom project on a little trip out to take some pictures. I haven’t been updating my shop much lately as i’ve been working through custom orders. I loved making this this bear, she’s definitely a favorite! She has a coarse curly purple fur body with a super soft pink fur head and tail, her inner ears and foot pads have been accented with a pink on pink candy stripe fabric. I usually leave the hair matte on my plushes but for this bear i glossed the hair and added a peralescent powder to the lacquer so it shimmers and gleams in the sun. She was an absolute joy to make :)

Latest Custom (more…)

I produced this limited run of Moshi Monsters plushes for Mind Candy, based on characters from their online game. I worked with them to produce a small number of unique plushes which have gone into the Mindy Candy personal collection, and a further few toys which were given away as part of an online competition where kids would win a plush based on their unique monster character they created and play with online. The Moshi Monster characters have a lot of personality so it was fun and challenging to funnel that down into a simple plush form. Each was made from high quality anti-pil fleece with laminated layers of felt for the facial features. I then stitched each felt layer in place for durability and a fine finish.

View more of my professional portfolio here

I’ve just added a new full size plush to my etsy shop,  a not-so-scary zombie. She has weighted feet and a weighted bottom and free moving teddy bear joints in her shoulders and hips so she can sit and stand unassisted. Her head is sewn on but still has enough movement to allow you to pose her easily.

She is for sale here Edit: sorry she is now sold



So i caved and got a twitter (does that make me a twit?!) I’m still getting the hang of it, come be my friend and make me feel popular!



Pink Bear in the Shop

I have just added this pink bear to my shop, click here to buy her! Edit: sorry she has now sold

She is made from bobbly hot pink fabric with a soft fluffy pink head and has red and white striped inner ears and soft PVC paws. She is totally posable and able to stand and sit unassisted. As with all my toys she is totally unique and i will not be making another one!


Yesterday me and Leanne went for a fun day out in London! We went to the Wellcome Collection which i’d never been to before, it was absolutely fascinating and i recommend it highly! We ate tasty foods and walked around looking at stuff. We took the Jellyfluffs, here are some pictures….

Edit -  The pink jellyfluff has sold but you can still buy the blue one here

Jellyfluffs take me to London


Yesterday some of my animals came with me for a walk around the woods, and look who we found – a funny pink bear!

Pink Bear was specially made for a show i’m doing over the summer, I have a couple of new totally different plushes too, but i’ll save those for another day :)

A Trip to the Woods


Heres some quick pictures of some new toys i’m working on. The green one is a raccoon, the pink one is a little girl dressed as a bear and the brown one is a commission. If you click ‘more pictures’ you can see my next lot of bunny brooches all lined up on my windowsill waiting for their photoshoot :D

I should soon have some pictures of an exciting new little project im working, too. eep!!

New Jointed Animals Teaser (more…)

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