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SDCC Cavey's 2011

I can’t believe its almost a year since we last crossed the pond over to the US for SDCC! After a little teaser last week, here they are; the first images of the SDCC exclusive Cavey – Super Duper Caped Cavey! There are 30 of each colourway, and to keep things simple all the Caped Caveys will be available on all the booths from the start of Comic Con (Thursday morning). The only exception is the pink and white Caped Cavey, which is limited to just 10 pieces and is only available by finding me at Comic Con. Last year you found me by spotting my pink Cavey ears, but this year to make it even easier to find me, I will be doing signings on the following booths over the weekend:

  • October Toys Booth #4838 Thursday July 21st. 12 noon – 1pm
  • Dragatomi Booth #4935 Friday July 22nd. 12 noon – 1pm
  • DKE Booth #4728 Saturday 23rd July. 12 noon – 1pm
Me and Union Jack Cavey (remember him from last year? He cant believe we’re taking him on another trip to the states already!) will be on each booth from 12 noon – 1pm. Come and say hey, and bring your Caveys ’cause i love seeing what they get up to once they leave Cavey towers!
Hope to see you there! :)

Holly x

SDCC Cavey for October Toys 2011

SDCC Cavey for Dragatomi 2011

SDCC Cavey 2011

SDCC Cavey for DKE 2011

Caveys Birthday Party!

I can’t believe Cavey’s Birthday Party is finally here! Months of planning and countless hours stitching away on all of the one-of-a-kind artist designed Caveys (they finish tonight, 26 May, 20111 9:55 BST on eBay) i’ve never planned anything like this before- my usual idea of a party is to send a text round and put out a bowl of bombay mix, so cross all your fingers and toes i pull it off tonight. Me and Vicky spent last night making Cavey cupcakes, and my stockpile of Cavey party stuff has exploded out of the studio; there’s Caveys all over my sofa, the bedroom. It’s 6:45am now and i’ve been up for ages cos i was too excited to sleep.

Cavey’s birthday Party is tonight May 26th. 7-10pm Fleet River Bakery, Holborn, WC2A 3JF, London, United Kingdom. Come join us for some birthday cake, see some unique Caveys and meet the artists!

A cross-post from www.heycavey.com:

A quick reminder to get your bids in for the special Renmen Caveys up on eBay, bidding finishes tomorrow! (15 Oct, 201012:02:11 BST) The Renmen Caveys are special because they’re limited to only two pieces but more importantly because 100% of the sale price goes to the Unicef Haiti appeal. Renmen means ‘love’ in Haitian and inspired by this the Renmen Caveys feature a heart design and are a mirror image of one another, ahhhhh :) Dig deep and bid now!


I got a lovely surprise package in the post a couple of weeks ago from the equally lovely Eric of Thunderpanda.com. Inside was 3 mini Lemis (squee!) a tee, magnets, badges, a bottle opener and a really nice multi-purpose bag (which i believe comes with all the tshirts on his site) Biggest of ups to you Eric, you really made my day! :)

The Lemis have had lots of fun tearing round the house with the Caveys and getting up to all kinds of mischeif, they’re very cute and fun to take photos of. I’ve had the blue one in my bag the last week and everyone who meets him says how cute he is. A Cavey/Thunderpanda collab is on the cards, watch this space! www.thunderpanda.com

Day 92

Day 333

Thunderpanda loot

Comic Con 2010This popped up in my flickr photostream this morning! Photo by Pjalau.

Here’s a few quick pictures from Comic-Con. I was so busy chatting to everyone and looking at all the cool stuff  that  i didn’t get too many pictures at SDCC (i did take lots of pictures of Cavey though), and most of them are me like “ooh take a photo of me with this!” “take a photo of my with that!” so for your viewing pleasure here’s me posing with some stuff…

9“please do not touch” you can’t tell me what to do Hasbro! Badass ;)




You get the idea, i won’t bore you with the rest. There’s lots of pictures of Cavey at Comic-Con over on his blog. I’ve got to get back to work, more pictures next week!

I am very excited to announce Super Duper Caped Cavey, a SDCC exclusive. If you want one, find me at Comicon on the Sunday (July 25th, i’ll no doubt be hanging around the toy booths) and he’s yours to buy! They’re a limited run of 10 so you’ll have to be quick. Super Duper Caped Cavey is $20 including a drawstring bag to keep him safe, stickers and a badge. There’s a picture of me at the bottom so if you didn’t know what i look like, now you know who to look for :) Even if you’re not after a Cavey, come say Hi!

Cavey on youtube

Day 250If you see pink hair and Cavey ears, thats me, Holly!

Hi its Holly, remember me? Sorry for neglecting the A Little Stranger blog over the last week, work & Cavey stuff has kept me away from the computer, big exciting things have been happening and i hope to have some good news for you soon! A little bit of exciting news today is that the second wave of Caveys goes on sale in less than 12 hours!! Floral and Panda Cavey will go live tonight, July 12th at 7pm GMT. The first batch of Caveys sold out in less than half an hour so i hope everyone who is hoping for one tonight will be able to get one. Both Panda and Floral Cavey are each limited to 10 numbered pieces and will not be repeated.

How to get your Cavey: At 7pm tonight (GMT) the A Little Stranger shop listings will go live (panda here, floral here) Please refresh your browsers then :)

Day 1

Wow Caveys release day was mental! He officially went on sale at 8:30am GMT, i woke up to find an email from Lauren saying that the A Little Stranger shop had died, it had gotten so much traffic it had crashed! So i decided to take orders manually by email (people in America had waited up half the night to buy one, wow!) and within half an hour all 20 had sold! They were paid for, packed up and sent by lunchtime so me and Jonjo went to the zoo! This picture isn’t even of all the boxes, they’re still being packed at this point, how mean am i – messing about taking Cavey pictures while Jonjo does the packing-up!

Bigest of thank you’d to everyone who made the launch such a smashing sucess! And hugs and kisses to everyone who stayed up late to order theirs, i am the happiest bunny in the world! New Caveys announced soon! www.heycavey.com

Apologies for no Week in Pictures this week, My work schedule has been crazy and I haven’t had time to put together, i will make next weeks extra good to make up for it! :) Instead a bring you a cross post from heycavey.com:

I am very happy to announce the first batch of Caveys will go on sale on Monday June 28th! First to be released will be Plain Pink (limited to 10 pieces – £8) and Brown Bear (limited to 10 pieces – £10) Each comes with a drawstring bag to keep him safe on his travels. As if that’s not enough, next week i’ll be announcing a twitter competition where you can win an exclusive never-to-be-in-the-shop Cavey! to make sure you’re the first to know follow Cavey on twitter @heycavey :)

Cross post from over on heycavey.com Floral Cavey popped his sombrero on and joined us for a BBQ yesterday. Go have a look over there for another picture

Floral Cavey

Cross post from heycavey.com. Cavey is a new toy range from A Little Stranger. Check out Cavey’s blog to find out more about these illusive creatures



I am very happy to launch the blog for my newest character, Cavey, over at www.heycavey.com. Why don’t you pop over there now and see what he’s all about? :)

He’s cute and he’s small, he’s Cavey! Coming soon to the shop, Cavey is a new toy design from A Little Stranger. He’s been a secret project of mine for a couple of months and now he’s just about ready to be released into the wild. Check out his website www.heycavey.com!