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SDCC Cavey's 2011

I can’t believe its almost a year since we last crossed the pond over to the US for SDCC! After a little teaser last week, here they are; the first images of the SDCC exclusive Cavey – Super Duper Caped Cavey! There are 30 of each colourway, and to keep things simple all the Caped Caveys will be available on all the booths from the start of Comic Con (Thursday morning). The only exception is the pink and white Caped Cavey, which is limited to just 10 pieces and is only available by finding me at Comic Con. Last year you found me by spotting my pink Cavey ears, but this year to make it even easier to find me, I will be doing signings on the following booths over the weekend:

  • October Toys Booth #4838 Thursday July 21st. 12 noon – 1pm
  • Dragatomi Booth #4935 Friday July 22nd. 12 noon – 1pm
  • DKE Booth #4728 Saturday 23rd July. 12 noon – 1pm
Me and Union Jack Cavey (remember him from last year? He cant believe we’re taking him on another trip to the states already!) will be on each booth from 12 noon – 1pm. Come and say hey, and bring your Caveys ’cause i love seeing what they get up to once they leave Cavey towers!
Hope to see you there! :)

Holly x

SDCC Cavey for October Toys 2011

SDCC Cavey for Dragatomi 2011

SDCC Cavey 2011

SDCC Cavey for DKE 2011


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