A Little Stranger

Caveys Birthday Party!

I can’t believe Cavey’s Birthday Party is finally here! Months of planning and countless hours stitching away on all of the one-of-a-kind artist designed Caveys (they finish tonight, 26 May, 20111 9:55 BST on eBay) i’ve never planned anything like this before- my usual idea of a party is to send a text round and put out a bowl of bombay mix, so cross all your fingers and toes i pull it off tonight. Me and Vicky spent last night making Cavey cupcakes, and my stockpile of Cavey party stuff has exploded out of the studio; there’s Caveys all over my sofa, the bedroom. It’s 6:45am now and i’ve been up for ages cos i was too excited to sleep.

Cavey’s birthday Party is tonight May 26th. 7-10pm Fleet River Bakery, Holborn, WC2A 3JF, London, United Kingdom. Come join us for some birthday cake, see some unique Caveys and meet the artists!


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