A Little Stranger
Comic Con 2010This popped up in my flickr photostream this morning! Photo by Pjalau.

Here’s a few quick pictures from Comic-Con. I was so busy chatting to everyone and looking at all the cool stuff  that  i didn’t get too many pictures at SDCC (i did take lots of pictures of Cavey though), and most of them are me like “ooh take a photo of me with this!” “take a photo of my with that!” so for your viewing pleasure here’s me posing with some stuff…

9“please do not touch” you can’t tell me what to do Hasbro! Badass ;)




You get the idea, i won’t bore you with the rest. There’s lots of pictures of Cavey at Comic-Con over on his blog. I’ve got to get back to work, more pictures next week!


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