This is a short and sweet post this week as lots of the things i’ve been up to this week i can’t post pictures of just yet, i’ve been super busy with not so much time for my personal projects. I’ve also been working on a Christmas instructable for Monday that i’m *really* excited about sharing!! :) Also my camera memory card died so i didn’t take any pictures last weekend apart from the ones at Eddie Izzard, woopsie!


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So today is my birthday and Jonjo has been spoiling me rotten :) He got me (amongst many other awesome things) this FULL SIZE GLOOMY BEAR ARM!! this is like the coolest thing x 385765874658473654! He had a bunch of my presents delivered to his work and the guys in the office were all like ‘who are they for?!!’ <3 <3 <3


Working on paintings early in the morning while its still dark out.


Eddie Izzard
Me and Vicky with our Eddie Izzard tickets, yeah we know we’re cool

Eddie Izzard


His twitter screen was live to Wembly stadium and between the 3 of us we had a race who could get their tweet on the screen first.

Top highlight of this week was going to see Eddie Izzard at the weekend. Me and my sister have been loving him forever but this is the first time we’ve seen him live, and it didn’t disappoint! I’ve included our obligatory ‘get someone to take a picture of us with our tickets’ picture, we take one at every gig we go to its like a really dorky tradition! Then we went and bought Eddie Izzard t shirts ha ha!





Making sushi. We’ve got it down pretty good now and its sooo yummy! And the piggies are very happy with the leftovers :)


Also putting a smile on my face this week: Making Christmas decorations / Making stockings (i havent had one since i was tiny!) / getting a real christmas tree, i’ve only had plastic ones before :) / Gold glittery shoes / Rainbow party plans / Rainbow striped fishnet tights / Wagamamas / “just do whatever Sarah Beenie tells you and you’ll merc it”


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