A Little Stranger


This is a short and sweet post this week as lots of the things i’ve been up to this week i can’t post pictures of just yet, i’ve been super busy with not so much time for my personal projects. I’ve also been working on a Christmas instructable for Monday that i’m *really* excited about sharing!! :) Also my camera memory card died so i didn’t take any pictures last weekend apart from the ones at Eddie Izzard, woopsie!


Heres some quick pictures of some new toys i’m working on. The green one is a raccoon, the pink one is a little girl dressed as a bear and the brown one is a commission. If you click ‘more pictures’ you can see my next lot of bunny brooches all lined up on my windowsill waiting for their photoshoot :D

I should soon have some pictures of an exciting new little project im working, too. eep!!

New Jointed Animals Teaser (more…)

I am now a completely freelance model maker and accepting jobs on both a professional and personal level.

Do you have a drawing or an idea you know would look super cute as a plush toy? Have you seen a bear or a monster i’ve made that you would love to own if only it was a different colour?

I would love to work with you to bring your ideas to life!

Now taking commisions!


Hello! who’s this?! This little bunny is an attempt to have some less expensive items in my shop. He has the same little resin face as the brooches but set into a squishy soft body. This is a test one i popped out but i was thinking i could put a lttle loop on the top of their ears so they can be hung on a bag?

$30, what do you think? Feedback is appreciated :D

Unfortunately all the comments on my site have been re-set. I had to change my comments application because an evil bot had got hold of my site and was leaving me 300+ comments every day. Fail.

Little bun and Katamari (more…)

Its been a busy christmas break! I going to get lots of faces made so i can finish these bunny brooches over the next couple of weeks. I want them to be done in time for valentines <3

Right now it is snowing! I hope it settles by the time i have all my work finished later :D

Brooches in progress...

Holly xox

So things have been a little slow on the blog front lately because most of the crafting i’ve been doing lately has been making christmas presents so i cant post them and spoil any surprises!! But here is a quick picture of some new things that i may add to the shop soon. These are rough ones, ill get some pictures of finished ones tomorrow – but what are they?! :D

New items coming to the shop soon

Holly xox

Here is a little peek at the direction some of my new designs are going to go in. Ive learnt a lot from my last set of plushes, the little girls in monster suits. I enjoyed setting myself a limit of only producing 10 of them but i think making all 10 in a row has made my blog a big stagnent.

My next line of plushes will come along a bit more sporadically and mixed up with other things – while making the little girls i have been coming up with lots of new ideas that I’m desperate to make as plushes!

I am also working on some cake toppers for a friends wedding which i will post pictures of in the next couple of weeks, i am very excited about getting them finished!!

A peek at whats to come

Holly xox

You’ll get to meet them soon! :)

The last two!

Holly xox