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Hope you’ve all had a nice week :) Friday signals my pick of the internet for the last 7 days, and what a week it’s been! Stuff here in Hollyworld has been crazy busy, but thats the way i like it!! Lots of exciting freelance projects, loads of parcels to send (my creature scarves sold out in a day and a half, yay!) and lots of fun birthday stuff! Looking forward to a great weekend :D


Parent fail.

Incredible life like sculptures by Sam Jinks

Is it wrong that I really want these Swarovski crystal contact lenses? and while we’re on the subject, ew

Top 15 Ugliest Products ever. Whatever,  i really like the furry pink chair and the cactus chair!

Also, top 12 coolest Steampunk gadgets. wow!

‘Valley of the Dolls’ Creepy Dolly attraction in mexico


Image from

Jibibuts by Noferin Everything from these guys makes my heart melty :)


Holly xox


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