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Russian Dolls

Thank you to the guys at Flatties for having me as a part of Codename: Babushka. This is such a great idea for a project and i’m really happy to be a part of it! There’s 15 artists involved in the project (head here to see a list) each artist’s set is then split up, muddled about with the other dolls and put back together at random, so you will receive 5 pieces of original art from 5 different artists! A Set of 5 russian dolls is £140, they also offer a payment plan, details here.

Codename Babushka is designed for the ulitmate blindbox experience and collectors in mind. Russian Dolls have been sent to all the artists below, each artist has a nest of 5 russian dolls starting at 5.5″ and shrinking down to 1.5″. They have been commissioned to create 5 artworks which will fit back inside each other. Once completed and collected up at Flatties HQ we will mix them all up and put them into blindboxes.

I handpainted my wooden dolls  with acrylics in thin layers, leaving the woodgrain exposed underneath. They are then sealed with layers of lacquer for protection and shine. Each doll in the set is inspired by a different animal, going up in size: Hamster, rabbit, red panda, lemur, ram.

Russian Dolls

Painting and watching Big Brother 