A Little Stranger

Had another busy week this week, lots of work to get done and lots of new projects on the horizon! I’m in a real creative swing right now which is great for getting things done but not so good for my social life! Im dragging my worky hermit bum out of the house tonight to go raving at Matter. I’m so excited i could wee.


Treeson is one of my favourite vinyl toys ever so i was very enthusiastic about  making a plush version! I’ve actually been sitting on this for a little while but thought i should get on and share pictures :) He came on a day out with us in London at the weekend.


This week

Phew its been a busy week! I’ve been a bit of a crazy computer lady the last couple of weeks while ive been getting the new alittlestranger.com up and working. Computer stuff dosent come that naturally to me so theres been a lot of me banging my head on my desk and making a grumpy face,  but it looks like everything’s done now and i can get over myself!


Yesterday me and Leanne went for a fun day out in London! We went to the Wellcome Collection which i’d never been to before, it was absolutely fascinating and i recommend it highly! We ate tasty foods and walked around looking at stuff. We took the Jellyfluffs, here are some pictures….

Edit -  The pink jellyfluff has sold but you can still buy the blue one here

Jellyfluffs take me to London


Butters came with me, my sister and our friend Nikki to London on Friday. We went to the Natural History Museum, had lunch at Ed’s Diner and looked round the shops. It was super fun and we were lucky to have had the best weather there’s been for ages! :D Here are some pictures!

Butters in Ed's Diner (more…)