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Moonmallow's Badge

I was so happy when this gorgeous photo of Moonmallow popped up on my flickr friends stream. Lauren adopted her last year, and i love seeing her beautiful photos of my toys, i wish i could fly her over to England to take pics of all my work! :) You can see more of Laurens photos here.


New blue sleepy monster

I have been busy working my way through my list of custom orders, here are the latest  – this one is on her way to Italy! She was really fun to make, i loved picking out all the fabrics that tone together. Her body is made from super soft brushed jersey fabric like you’d use for baby clothes :)

I wanted to share some photos Lauren took of her sleepy monster, who she names Moonmallow. I should send all my creatures to her to get photographed she takes beautiful pictures! :) Check out her pictures here and here. Thanks Lauren!!

Holly xox

I just finished this. She’s a brand new design, the very first one of her kind and she is now for sale in my shop. She’s based on some painting’s i’ve been doing, ill have to get some snaps of those too! She is quite big and really squashy, with a bean bag in her bum so she’s like a weeble – she wobbles about but wont fall over :)

As usual she has a hand cast, handpainted resin face sculpted by me. Her antennaes have wire in so you can bend them around. Next on my list is having a go at making a little version.

She is totally one of a kind and unique, and  you can buy her here. Edit: Sorry she is now sold

Latest plush


I think the little bear looks so cute next to one of my big plushes! He turned out soo much smaller than i imagined, he’s only 5″ tall :)

It makes me want to try making an even smaller one, The only thing limiting the small-ness is the joints, so if i can do away with them it will only be my nimbleness and eyesight keeping me from making a smaller bear :P

It was fun making a little bear but i think this project will be on hold for a while as i’ve got lots of custom orders to work on.

The little blue bear is not for sale but the big pink bear for sale here.

Big and Little Bears (more…)

Teeny Weeny Bear

I keep my tiny custom bear by Catherine of Cayas Creations on my computer desk and he inspired me to try making a little bear myself. I used one of the small faces i usually use for brooches and the smallest joints i could find. I dont think i’ll ever have the tiny bear skills that Catherine has but he sure was fun to make! :)

Teeny Weeny Bear

Teeny Weeny Bear

The Jellyfluffs say “Happy Friday!” have a lovely weekend!

Pink jellyfluff for sale here Edit: pink jellyfluff is now sold

Blue jellyfluff for sale here

Happy Friday!!

Holly xox

This plush had been a long time in the making but i finally finished him last night, meet the Monsterpillar! He has 6 poseable jointed legs and a jointed neck. As with my bears he has a resin face i cast by hand from my own sculpt. I’m really happy with the way he turned out – i was worried the new monster faces would look too plain compared to the little girls faces but it gives me a lot more scope for painting each one differently. I have already started another!

Pink jointed bear avaliable in my shop. Edit: sorry she’s now sold.

Monsterpillar (more…)

Two jellyfluffs have been added to my shop. Buy the pink one here (Edit: sorry pink jellyfluff has sold) , and the blue one here.

“Jellyfluffs are one of a kind art toys by Holly Stanway

Each Jellyfluff has a hand cast, hand painted resin face set into a stuffed plush body. The face is an original sculpt by me and is sealed with layers of clear lacquer for a durable finish.

Jellyfluffs are fun to take pictures of and love going with you on adventures! :)

Jellyfluff vs Treeson

“Despite their cute appearance jellyfluffs are for careful kids an adults only. Each one is a lovingly handcrafted art toy and the face could prove a choking hazard for young children.” The pink jellyfluff is avaliable here Edit: sorry the pink jellyfluff has sold

Jellyfluff vs Treeson

This blue jellyfluff is avaliable here

Jellyfluffs take me to London

Yesterday me and Leanne went for a fun day out in London! We went to the Wellcome Collection which i’d never been to before, it was absolutely fascinating and i recommend it highly! We ate tasty foods and walked around looking at stuff. We took the Jellyfluffs, here are some pictures….

Edit -  The pink jellyfluff has sold but you can still buy the blue one here

Jellyfluffs take me to London