A Little Stranger

Treeson is one of my favourite vinyl toys ever so i was very enthusiastic about  making a plush version! I’ve actually been sitting on this for a little while but thought i should get on and share pictures :) He came on a day out with us in London at the weekend.

He’s about 5.5″ tall. Perfect for day trips! He can stand up on his own. He was a lot of fun to work on,  and as with the vinyl treeson he was fun to photograph – i think its the cute little face?! :) We went for sushi at Hizakaya in Covent Garden before some shopping and then heading over to Carnaby Street and the Playlounge. We went via china town and were oohing over  the hundreds of rainbow lanterns hung up for for Chinese new year. Treeson was a good traveling companion and didn’t mind being stuffed in my bag in between me getting a lot of funny looks taking pictures of/with him, ha!

Plush Treeson is a prototype and not for sale. The Treeson character is ┬ęBubi Au Yeung

Treeson enjoys some retro gaming :)

This picture was day 112 of my flickr 365days project


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