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Gloomy Bear

This weeks Instructable shows you how to make this adorable Gloomy Bear necklace. I thought i’d take a break from sewing instructables this week and show you how to make something from polymer clay. Even if you’ve never sculpted anything before this Gloomy Bear pendant is really easy to make. Included is a template for various different sizes, He makes a great keyring or cell phone strap, too :)

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New York Lottery Sleepy Time Advert

Yippee its Friday! Hope you have a fantastic weekend, here’s some links to keep you smiling through the day. How great is this This New York Lottery advert? I literally started squealing when i saw it, then watched it on repeat ten times! cuteness x19813437463876!!! But wait theres another one, it might be EVEN cuter…


Woodland Creatures

Yippee! A new desktop to celebrate the new look alittlestranger.com. Scanned from my sketchbook and into the computer for your eyes to enjoy.  Looky here to get all the sizes:

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Holly xox

This week

Phew its been a busy week! I’ve been a bit of a crazy computer lady the last couple of weeks while ive been getting the new alittlestranger.com up and working. Computer stuff dosent come that naturally to me so theres been a lot of me banging my head on my desk and making a grumpy face,  but it looks like everything’s done now and i can get over myself!


Pink Octopus necklace

Pink octopus necklace

I’m very excited to introduce my first jewellery collection! The Tentacle collection features original handmade jewellery inspired by my favorite sea dweller; the octopus. I love the texture and movement of tentacles flowing in the sea and i’ve tried to capture this in each piece. They are all hand painted with vibrant metallic and iridescent paints that shimmer and sparkle as you move. The collection is limited to 11 pieces; 3 large necklaces, 7 smaller necklaces and one pair of earrings.

Each piece is one of a kind and not to be repeated, entirely hand sculpted and totally unique – no molds were used or taken.

Edit – All pieces in the collection are sold out, thanks for everyone who bought one. To be the first to know when new pieces go on sale join the mailing list.

Single Tentacle necklacesSingle tentacle pendants

Tentacle EarringsCurled Tentacle earrings

Golden Octopus NeckalceGolden Octopus Necklace

Pink Octopus necklace

Pink octopus necklace

Squid-ish NecklaceSquid-ish Necklace

Monster Business Card Holder

This weeks instructable tells you how to make this furry monster business card case. Impress your clients, co workers and friends. Ok so its not the most grown-up business card holder in the world, but in my line of work that seems to work for me! Of course, he wont mind if you dont use him for business cards, you could use him for credit cards, oystercard or make one for your passport and enjoy being the coolest kid at the airport!

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waaa Snow Treeson! Image – Plastic and Plush

Wow its been a busy week! Lots of work behind the scenes getting the new site going, im really happy with the new look! Just one more day till the weekend, heres whats been making me smile on the we this week…


Finished the Mario cross stitch and hung it in the living room!
The Mario Cross Stitch :)

Mario Cross Stitch We have been making this for the living room, it took about 3 weeks all together, Jonjo did the sky and i did the everything else, ha! It was a lot of fun, i’ve never done a big cross stitch like this before, we used a huge needle and doubled over thread, so it’s got quite a 3D effect when you look at it up close. More pictures of the Mario Cross stitch here.



I just published my first Instructable, follow the simple steps to make this cute monster plushie that you can hang anywhere! I only found out about instructables.com and i was instantly hooked, its full of tutorials for all kinds of incredible things people have made. I knew right away i wanted to get involved and post my own instructable and I had a lot of fun making this one! Like the plushie but don’t fancy making one? The blue and pink monsters featured in the instructable are for sale here.

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