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Just added to the shop are these three 16-bit Nintendo necklaces. Each has been painstakingly hand stitched and will arrive to you gift wrapped ready for gift giving, perfect for valentines day :) As always these are one-of-a-kind, and once they’re gone they’re gone.  Click here to visit the shop



Since it got featured on Reddit and Stumbledupon I’ve been getting a lot of emails about my Mario Cross stitch so i thought i’d post a proper picture of it – here it is proudly hung on our living room wall. I cant take all the credit for it though, Jonjo did the sky ;)


Finished the Mario cross stitch and hung it in the living room!
The Mario Cross Stitch :)

Mario Cross Stitch We have been making this for the living room, it took about 3 weeks all together, Jonjo did the sky and i did the everything else, ha! It was a lot of fun, i’ve never done a big cross stitch like this before, we used a huge needle and doubled over thread, so it’s got quite a 3D effect when you look at it up close. More pictures of the Mario Cross stitch here.