Finished the Mario cross stitch and hung it in the living room!
The Mario Cross Stitch :)

Mario Cross Stitch We have been making this for the living room, it took about 3 weeks all together, Jonjo did the sky and i did the everything else, ha! It was a lot of fun, i’ve never done a big cross stitch like this before, we used a huge needle and doubled over thread, so it’s got quite a 3D effect when you look at it up close. More pictures of the Mario Cross stitch here.

Playing Bingo with my girlfriends. Like the bunch of old ladies that we are  every week we head to the Bingo, its really fun!

Bonfire night. A bunch of us headed down for the organised fireworks display, on the way home we picked up fireworks and rum, a brilliant combination!

Dailybooth / flickr 365days. Taking a self portrait every day for a year. Should help me get over my fear of being photographed?!

Going to see Does it Offend you Yeah? at Heaven, mine and my sisters favourite live band EVAR. Everytme we see them we literally dance so hard our legs fall off. Ok not litereally.

Going to see SawVI so much better than SawV, im a massive Saw fan and that was even a bit much for me. SawVI was fantastic, i absolutely loved the steam trap, how do they keep coming up with them?

Bidding on Saw Props. Raybin auction off seemingly every prop from the Saw movie franchise, most of it is over-prices toot that the minorest of characters used like Shelby’s (who?!) shackle from SawVI, but every now and again i spy a gem like this pig mask used in SawVI. Don’t judge me :P

Also, Repo the Genetic Opera props on eBay.

I had a watch of the New girls of the Playboy Mansion. Not sure about the new girls, I just loved the old girls, Brigitte, Holly and Kendra too much! Holly keeps popping up and the new girls have to be nice to her :)


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11 Responses to “Week in Pictures”

  1. Shrinkle Says:

    HAHAHA I can’t believe you MADE that! It is epic!!

  2. sloosefactory Says:

    brilliant the frame is beautiful as well

  3. noshoes84 Says:

    I need to have this! I would pay you for another one or that one. I am not kidding in the slightest. If you are interested in making a few bucks shoot me an email and let me know what you would want for this or a remake.

  4. Ligia Says:


    I was wondering…is there any chance you’d be willing to share the pattern for this? Or sell it? I’d be happy to pay. My little brother is a huge Nintendo fan, and I’d love to make this for him. Thanks!!

  5. G Says:

    Rad. I have a keychain that makes the coin sound. I always make it go off in my pocket when I hand a cashier money.

  6. M@ Says:

    Very nice! I also want the coin sound keychain.

  7. Sean Says:

    Yo. I would be willing to give you 150 for another one if you could make it. email me back and let me know.


  8. Stacy Says:

    Would you be willing to share your pattern? My boyfriend would love to have this.

  9. Holly Says:

    ligia & stacey, pattern is here:


  10. Cerisedolls Lillycat Says:

    So cool !!! I want the same for my living room !

  11. Катя Says:

    Интересно, я попробую.

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