A Little Stranger

I’m having a bit of a lucky streak this week, on Thursday my Zelda heart container cupcakes won 2nd prize in the valentines contest on Instructbles.com, then the next day I won tickets to Hospital Record’s Q+A+E. Yippee!! Other than that a quiet week for week in pictures, i even managed to go to a party last weekend and not take one picture, bad Holly!


This weeks has been all about valentines, baking, making teeny little things, getting loads of stuff done, sorting the house out, having a great time with my girlfriends and generally having a lot of fun :)


These Zelda theme cupcakes make a thoughtful and inexpensive gift for your honey this valentines day. This Instructable includes a fool-proof chocolate cupcake recipe. The cupcakes themselves are super duper easy and quick to make and always disappear *very* quickly whenever i make them round our house :)

Click here to get making!!

Week in Pictures

Hope you had a lovely Christmas break, mine has been wonderful, the best Christmas since i was a little girl.  I’ve been busy seeing friends, family, doing fun stuff and lots of parties, gorgeous foods and drinkies. Very chilled and very awesome. Here’s a few pictures of what i’ve been up to over the holidays :)