I’m having a bit of a lucky streak this week, on Thursday my Zelda heart container cupcakes won 2nd prize in the valentines contest on Instructbles.com, then the next day I won tickets to Hospital Record’s Q+A+E. Yippee!! Other than that a quiet week for week in pictures, i even managed to go to a party last weekend and not take one picture, bad Holly!


I got the recipe from Laurens Recipe book. They were really easy to make and taste exactly like Millies cookies! I even made a wheat free version for one friend who dosen’t eat wheat, by substituting the self raising flour for gram flour and a quarter tsp of bicarbonate of soda. Next i’m going to try making the double chocolate ones mmmmmm


This is the latest cross stitch im working on, but its a little cryptic for now as its a birthday present and i don’t want to spoil the surprise! :)


Also putting a smile on my face this week: Parties / looking forward to Hospitality / Running outside for the first time since before christmas! / being jealous of Vicky’s tan / Random snow / Ikea trip / Fluffy-on-the-inside thermal tops


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2 Responses to “Week in pictures: lucky streak!”

  1. Jonette Says:

    Wow! Congratulations! Keep being an inspiration to crafters everywhere! :)

  2. A Little Stranger » Blog Archive » Week in pictures: Badges, biccies and busy-ness Says:

    [...] another go at the Millies cookies recipe i made last week, but this time i did the chocolate version. I was expecting these to blow everyone away but they [...]

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