Hi I’m holly!

I am a freelance model maker and plush designer living in greater London.

I’ve been sewing and doing arty stuff for ever and sold hand made toys and doll clothes on the net to raise earn some extra cash while i was at studying at University. After completing a BA in  foundation art studies and another in model making I went on to work as a full time model maker for four years. I started up alittlestranger.com at the beginning of 2008 and run a little Etsy shop where i sell fluffy toys and art prints.

I have an extensive portfolio of skills that includes but is not limited to sculpting, plush toy designing and making, painting, machining and casting. I also dabble in illustration, knitting and crochet. I have experience in photoshop, flash, dreamweaver and illustrator and personally run alittlestranger.com.

I would love to work with you! Please contact me for a CV.

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    Working on my site, new Bunny Brooches for sale! :)

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    • Alittlestranger: @robotbacon I electrocuted myself on a toaster once and for the rest of the day my jaw hust and everything tasted like pennies :(
    • Alittlestranger: @MooPook Nic was just over telling us about it, he got such a good deal on that xbox :)
    • Alittlestranger: Working on my site, new Bunny Brooches for sale! :) http://dailybooth.com/u/112xe