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Introducing a totally new type of creature to my shop! This is the plush i showed some in-progress picture of a little while back, here. Unlike my other plushes who have cast resin faces and painted eyes this little guy has a hand-sculpted face with glass eyes. No molds or patterns were used in his creation so he will/cannot ever be produced again. He is for sale here.

Introducing a totally new type of creature to my shop!


October 21st, 2009 Toys & Plush | No Comments

This custom has just been completed and shipped out to America, this was request to look like an old sepia photograph, so i cast the face in a slightly dulled creamy colour and picked creamy-toffee colour fabrics to match. Her body is made from a curly faux mohair with a dark backing so it really looks old. When she was complete i ‘aged’ her all over with an airbrush, i’m so pleased with how she came out!

Custom sepia bear


October 16th, 2009 Toys & Plush | No Comments

I have been busy working my way through my list of custom orders, here are the latest  – this one is on her way to Italy! She was really fun to make, i loved picking out all the fabrics that tone together. Her body is made from super soft brushed jersey fabric like you’d use for baby clothes :)

New blue sleepy monster

Holly xox

October 15th, 2009 Toys & Plush | No Comments

I wanted to share some photos Lauren took of her sleepy monster, who she names Moonmallow. I should send all my creatures to her to get photographed she takes beautiful pictures! :) Check out her pictures here and here. Thanks Lauren!!

Holly xox

September 23rd, 2009 Toys & Plush | No Comments

Heres some gorgeous photos of the Albino polar bear plush i custom made for Lauren. I love seeing pictures of my creatures in their new homes!! She named her Mukluks, look here for more pictures!


Holly xox

September 16th, 2009 Toys & Plush | No Comments

So as you may have noticed that has been a leetle quiet lately, ive been super busy with ‘proper’ work and had less time to focus on my personal projects.

Due to the nature of my day job i dont often get to share pictures of what i’ve been up to, but i wanted to share this with you :)

Phil Corbetts Lion


August 10th, 2009 Real Life, Toys & Plush | No Comments

This little polar bear is my latest custom plsuh for Lauren. She loved the albino easter bunny i made earlier this year but as each toy i make is unique i wanted to make something simular but not the same :)

I am avaliable for comissions so if you would like your own custom plush made, please get in touch .

Polar Bear Custom


July 17th, 2009 Toys & Plush | No Comments

New to the shop, Bunny-Slugs!!



June 18th, 2009 Toys & Plush | No Comments

I just finished this. She’s a brand new design, the very first one of her kind and she is now for sale in my shop. She’s based on some painting’s i’ve been doing, ill have to get some snaps of those too! She is quite big and really squashy, with a bean bag in her bum so she’s like a weeble – she wobbles about but wont fall over :)

As usual she has a hand cast, handpainted resin face sculpted by me. Her antennaes have wire in so you can bend them around. Next on my list is having a go at making a little version.

She is totally one of a kind and unique, and  you can buy her here .

Latest plush


June 9th, 2009 Toys & Plush | No Comments

Just added this sleepy monster to my shop

“This little monster is a one-off art toy. Each toy i make is totally unique and will not be made again, she is the only one in the world! Also this is a new face sculpt that i have only used for private work up until now, it has not been available for sale.”

Click here to buy her Edit: Sorry she has now sold :)

Turquoise sleepy monster


May 29th, 2009 Toys & Plush | No Comments
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    • Alittlestranger: Working on my site, new Bunny Brooches for sale! :)