A Little Stranger

Meet Real x Nibbler – a triple collab between Onell Design, Real x Head & The Tarantulas, with little hoodies made by yours truly in rainbow of colours. The little guys went down a treat at Comic-Con; the hoodied nibblers sold out as soon as they went on sale, and the The Fishtank Castle‘s playset’s too! I had a blast working on these little hoodies, and even more fun hanging out with everyone on the booth -these boys are awesome and a lot of fun to be around!

And for those of you not at Comic-Con, fret not! We still have a few tricks up our sleeves – there will be an online release in Autumn 2011. Keep your eyes on The Tarantulas blog for updates.

Nibblers and sammichesChris hard at work. Note: delicious breakfast bagels were also available, never say Chris dosen’t look after you!

Hoodie-d Nibblers

10am Sat @tarantulastwit x A Little Stranger nibblers. Come say hi! booth #4937 #sdcc

“ooh lookit them all!” (I nicked this image from Chris’s blog)

Fishtank castle! (image pinched from Toysrevil – more images over there!)

The Tarantulas x A Little Stranger