A Little Stranger

I was comissioned to produce the launch products for hiddencrumbs.com a new venture where a collection of bakers, chocolatiers, sweet treat enthusiasts and general all round creative people working to produce delicous looking and tasting gifts. Their Christmas collection includes Cupcake Pals – giant handmade cupcake pillows, awesome sweet Jewelery from Blue City Jewelery, tasty sweets and a very special Cavey release. Read the interview here.

Interview with yours truly over at Hiddencrumbs.com


2 Responses to “Interview on Hiddencrumbs.com”

  • Heather Says:

    I had no idea you’d made a ball jointed doll! I’m envious! I’ve been wanting to make one for quite a while, but the casting part scares me. I have no idea how to do it!!!


  • Parapluie Says:

    ahhh holly i love this! this is like, the combination of art and pastry chef matters, which are my 2 most favorite things :3 you were great in the interview!


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