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A couple of weekends ago we had a video games themed dress up party. I think it deserves its own picture post because of all the awesome costumes everyone, so much effort went into it! The theme was 16 Bit, you had to come as a character from 16bit (or prior) game. Prepare to geek out :)

Jonjo and Louis as Mario and Luigi. With hindsight they should have swapped costumes but Jonjo was insistent it would be too weird to have Luigi making out with Princess Peach, ha!

Out outfits were surprisingly easy to make! (mine was just an excuse to buy this yellow wig, ive been flouncing round the house in it ever since) Mine was a bridesmaids dress from a charity shop that i borrowed from Vicky, for New Years aaaages ago she wore it as a Deb (from Napoleon Dynamite) costume. I added the hot pink satin parts, made the brooch/necklace thing from Fimo and bought the long gloves on eBay. I made the dungarees from an old pair of overalls Jonjo had from a Ghostbusters costume, added the giant buttons i got from a craft shop. I made the hat from scratch using red fleece, the shirt was from uniqlo and the gloves/moustache from a fancy dress shop. I seriously enjoyed being a princess for the night, i think i might wear this dress all the time now :)

Ivan came as Worms

Nic as Earthworm Jim

Fran and Tom as Chun-Li and Ryu

Maddi and Tobias as Pong

Vicky came as a Pacman ghost. We made the costume from a sheet of foam, rolled it up and glued it along the edge to make a tube. Then we cut petal shapes from the top and glued these together to make the rounded top shape.

It was near impossible to drink in!

The making of the costume!

Moo as a Pirana Plant

I’ve got my eyes on you!

Im not sure whats going on here

I love Tobias’s face in this picture! Maddi and Tib’s outfits were clever but seriously creepy, i kept telling Maddi off for smiling at me cos the white make up made her gums look so red and scary.

All partied out, goodnight!

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  • Anna Says:

    Earthworm Jim…..Awsome! I haven’t played that game in ages. Your Princess Peach costume is also rather fun :) Makes me wish my sewing skills aren’t so miserable..ha ha


    Holly Reply:

    yeah the mega drive game was awesome, me and my sister played it for hours and hours, i loved how you can whip him out of the suit to attack! the costume didn’t take much sewing in the end, it was mostly a dress my sis already had :)


  • Anna Says:

    Ha Ha Ha…I forgot about that. I was always terrible at the game, my brother always had to help me get out of the second level :P For some reason I always had trouble when you had to use him to swing around from one area to the next. Though Donkey Kong on the other hand was a game I was rather good at, and I was able to find a few secrets my Brother didn’t even know about. :D


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