A Little Stranger

I love to wear big rings so i wanted to make a pair of gloves that didn’t have individual fingers, and flap over mittens to keep my fingers warm. This weeks Instructable shows you how to make an old cardigan into a pair of fingerless gloves that transform into mittens. Includes a free pattern that can be easily resized so you can make these for any sized hands.

Click here to get making!


3 Responses to “Tutorial: How to make glittens (fingerless glove mittens)”

  • Ash Says:

    Hey i know this will sound really superficial, but i LOVE your nail polish! And i’m really impressed by all of the creations that you have made! i wish i was so creative!! :)


    Holly Reply:

    thanks! its a dark inky blue with glitter tips, i love experimenting with nail polish but it gets chipped off so quicky cos im always busy making stuff with my hands! :)


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