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amigurumikingdom via deviant art

My pick of the web this Friday includes a creepy monster illustration, a glittery vagina, the best knitting i have ever seen,  style tips for 2010, Nic Cage and a couple of songs i’m listening to loads at the moment. Enjoy!!


Ew :(


2010 Style direction, Psychedelic Ladies who Lunch On Gala Darling’s blog. This is a fashion trend i’m embracing with both arms and a big kiss! 2010 for me will be more glitter, more tie dye and hopefully some longer hair. Take heed kids, pink hair may look cool but it rags the fuck out of it, its not in a bob through choice!

Favourite pink monster toys, on Neon Monsters blog. I like Carlos Enriquez Gonzales’ Magical Vagina the best.

Nic Cage as Everyone. Very funny, and theres zillions of them!

Hot chicks with stubbed toes making sex faces. Really? Really?

Creepy monster illustration, found on Loveandasandwich’s tumblr. I’m not quite sure what to make of this?!


Worlds. Best. Vest. From the Happy Seamstress Blog

I cant even believe how skillful this jumper is!! It’s been a long time since i knitted anything this big but apparently a pattern is on the way and i definitely want to make one, well two so me and Jonjo don’t have to fight over it. Yeah yeah we’re so cool with our his and hers Mario vests, don’t be jealous ;)


Plan B – Stay too long

Johnny L – Evah

Danny Byrd – Sweet Harmony D&B remix


That’s it from me, enjoy your weekend see you on Monday for another Instructable!



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