A Little Stranger

I Produced this plush version of the Fido Character from Dork Hunters From Outer Space was made for Character Toys back in 2008. From style guides and concept drawings i worked with them to produce a number of prototypes before they settled on the closed eyed version pictured below. From this i supplied them with full colour prototypes and patterns which were then put into mass production. Fido was created from high quality anti-pil fleece with brushed nylon and felt detailing, every part of him was made from soft fabric including his boggly eyes. The retail version featured a soundchip in the foot that quoted soundbites from the series when pressed.

Fido is one of many projects i worked on for Character’s Dork Hunters range over 2008, including another plush which was never put into production and a range of action figures.

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Production model in packaging

Fido was produced while i was under contract at Morpheus Creative Form Development