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Hows that for alliteration? Its been a great and very productive week here. All my free time has been spent working on secret projects which will all be revealed in good time (oooh the mystery!) and working on my latest custom, and 8″ Qee. We also had an epic fancy dress party over the lovely long weekend.

Working on my Custom Qee I’ve been working hard getting my 8″ Qee for the Civil War and Our Founding Fathers Show on July 2nd finished. He’s all done and im excited abotu sharng pictures here next week, he’s coming with me for a photoshoot today. Until then, see a sneak peek here

The Bar Method DVD So me and my bff have a workout/eating/girls night every week, we did this on Wednesday night and i was still feeling it on Friday, it is intense. She swears by it ad i can see why, i’ve ordered the dvd and im really looking forward up doing it again! Apparently it works by stressing your muscles out then you stretch them so they end up long and lean – which is exactly what i want if im going to LA in a few weeks and the world will have to see me in a bikini, the horror!

Hanging out with hairy guinea pigs My friend Joe has two guinea pigs, Berzerker and Corpse Grinder, and they’re sooooo cute! Its hard to tell, until you pick them up, which end is which because they’re so hairy – and look at this grumpy little face! I’m getting closer and closer to having a guinea pig to squeeze no matter who’s house i go to – I cant help but to int o guinea pig mode  “yeah yeah hi Jez, hi Joe, oooooooh lookatda guinea pigs!”

John B I just spied on favourite DJ, John B’s site that he’s playing in London next friday very very very very exciiiited! :)

Day 204
Day 204 of my Flickr 365days project

16 Bit Party We had an epic fancy dress party at the weekend, im just sorting out a picture post now (theres a lot to go through!) So until then heres a little glimpse of my costume – can you guess who i was?! :)

Race For Life I’m running for Cancer Research on June 27th and i would love it if you would sponsor me! i’ve never done an organised event like this before so i’m feeling pretty nervous – i usually go running on my own in the mornings. If you’re in the area come down and cheers everyone on, its going to be a really big event! :)

No mines the longest! Me jez and sophie have a fight, i think Jez won

Spanish night at Jez’s It was a bank holiday last weekend in the UK so our usual Sunday dinner night at Jez’s was a lot longer and more foody than usual as we didnt have to get to bed for work the next morning! We must have mad 5/6 courses, all cooked by Jez and Jonjo (it is so seriously dreamy to have a boyfriend that cooks!) finishing up with this gigantic paella. It was fully awesome!

Mmmm waffles!

Waffle House!! Me and Jonjo went on a waffle house date.  Oh man this place is soooo good, I wish i could eat there every day! I had poached pear with homemade chocolate sauce, and you can see Jonjo’s banoffee waffle in the background. The Cavey’s came too! Find out more about Cavey on his blog heycavey.com Cavey stuff is another thing thats kept me busy this week, quite a lot of waiting around for bits and pieces to arrive, but it’ll all be worth the wait i promise :)

Love HeartMermaid Eloise? weirdest Love Heart ever!

3 cavies :)

Thats its from me! Have a great weekend, its going to be sunny here so we’re going to get the bbq on, ohhh yeahh! What are you up to this weekend? xx


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