A Little Stranger

Week in Pictures

Happy new year! have you made any resolutions? I dont usually bother making them but this year me and my sister have vowed to tie dye more stuff :D



About 10 of us spent new years at a friends house with the intention of having a quiet on watching Jools Holland, it didnt stay quiet for long! Had such a great time :) Me and Jonjo brought over these shots we made based on this instructable, they’re called ‘alien shooters’ and look like little aliens in a test tube. You soak green gummi bears in humidor till they soak it up and go big an squishy, then top the shot with sambuca.




This is the face they make you pull, ha!


After champagne at midnight we kicked the boys out of the dining room and put on some Pussycat Dolls. We know how to get the party started, riiight. :D






I made the boys from Triclops some monster card holders for Christmas, read about it on the triclops blog



Me and my sister took a trip to Bovington market for some fake rolex’s and gold tracksuits, on the way home we stopped by the pet shop, I so nearly took this guinea piggy home with me, but it was a boy :( soooo cuuuuuute, lookat its little face!

Sleepy chincilla,  awwww





As i write this blog post its bucketing it down with snow :)


Also putting a smile on my face this week: New hello kitty necklace / Baking white chocolate and cranberry muffins / Spending too much time on the new Mario game on the Wii / Mari kart banter / Big roast dinners / Having a head buzzing with zillions of ideas after a restful Christmas / Contemplating tie dye, ha!



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