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Hang on, how is it December already? Bit of a wake up call that Christmas is just around the bend! Lots of exciting things have been happening this week in Holly-land, here’s pictures of some of it…




Have you ever entered a competition and forgotten all about it, only to find out you won? I thought it was spam when i got an email telling me I’d won this Tria pen set from Oxcreative, i was so excited when i remembered i ‘d entered the competition months ago. They’re lovely  to work with and so snazzy in their neat zippy case :)



Making birthday cards, i love doing quick little paintings, especially of guinea pigs holding pints weep weeep! :D




I made Lizard cup cakes for Sam’s birthday. They started off as Geckos but ended up looking more like snakes! The cake inside was chocolate, so no one minded the naff snake faces and they got eaten up pretty quick :)


Oh man look at this cake Maddi brought, puts my crappy snakey cakeys to shame!


Sophie and joe made these mad cakes that were like green, blue and pink inside. Plus they tasted awesome!

And check out Moo’s animal sushi stick things, kawaii!!

So at the tea party i only got pictures of the food because i’m greedy! This isn’t even half the food though, the spread was intense, there were 12 of us and we couldn’t finish it all so we went to the pub ha ha! The rest of these pictures are Moos :)


We Made Archie do tricks! awooooo!
Lizard Party!
There were Lizards!





I know they’re crappy camera phone pics but i had to include some of Maddi’s adorable puppy, Milo. Every time i go round he’s so excited he wees on my socks, is that cute? Probably until you smell them, ew



Getting held up driving by a mass Goose crossing, luckily a crazy old man feeding the ducks saw out dilemma and started waving his bread at them yelling “coooeeee, over here” Thanks crazy old duck man!



2good2Btrue closed. Where are we supposed to get 10 year old band shirt for £1 now?! curses!


Also putting a smile on my face this week: Dance like Bear! / Buying little christmas presents / Gossip Girl marathons/ Dub step grime face / Getting taken out for a posh dinner / Having the best friends EVER / Trying on all the hats in Primark / The Bingo Song / Buying random rainbow stuff on eBay / Neon purple roots / Planning Christmas decorations / Making monster scarves /


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