A Little Stranger

Project blankie took a bit of a backseat last week while i moved house, but i have finally had a minute to upload all the pictures of week 4! I got some lovely squares in the post, all the way from Australia, from Lauren who i met on Flickr, thanks Lauren! :)

I’ll get a picture soon of all the squares together – im really interested to see how they all look, laid out! they’re stacked up on my bookcase right now and all the colours look lovely.

What is Project Blankie? I’m making a huuuge sofa throw, out of simple 5″ granny squares. I’m posting picture of my progress online to encourange others to send me a square- If you knit or crochet i would love for you to join in!

Click here for Project Blankie Homepage with more pictures and patterns.

Project Blankie, join in!


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