A Little Stranger

This 10″ Teen Wolf action figure was produced for The Tarantulas in 2008-2009, he was worked on in between other projects and was truly a labour of love :) The face, feet and shoes were sculpted digitally, moulded and cast (I cast the face and hands in a translucent hard resin to mimic skin, and the shoes in a soft rubber) before i took over with the plush work. The body was a 10″ action figure base from Japan, which i then fitted with a skin tight fur suit made from specially produced 4 way stretch faux fur in a number of hand-dyed colours to give a realistic werewolf look. The fur is produced to order and is usually used in the film and taxidermy industry for creating realistic animals. Once the fur suit was made (and trimmed!) I patterned and produced a little basketball kit for him. Each letter on the jersey is an individual heat fix transfer i hand-cut. I painted his face with many thin coats of washes, pastels and acrylics before sealing with a durable matte lacquer, and finally glossing the eyes and those tiny teeth.

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Teen Wolf was produced while i was under contract at Morpheus Creative Form Development