A Little Stranger

Heres some pictures of my pink teddy girl in her new home, all the way in Australia with my friend Linda! These are Lindas pictures, her flickr is here. Its really nice to see that she is going to be well loved in her new home, and it gives you an idea of the size of my plushes which i think often look smaller than they really are in photos. I am working on a new bear over the holidays and will post some pictures soon! :)

Linda & her pink teddy-girl


Some of the presents i gave this year were these little bunny brooches. They have little handpainted resin faces, a soft plush back and a big brooch pin on the back for fixing to a coat/hat/bag/scarf. The red one was the test one i made first and he’s on my white fluffy scarf now to make it extra christmassy (it matches my santa hat ha ha!)

Click here to see pictures of a few more i made for my friends. I wanted to get some feedback from other people before i thought about putting them in the shop. They have been well liked so far so i will put some up for sale in the new year. :D

Bunny brooches!


Happy holidays, i hopeyou’ve been good and santa brings you everything you asked for. The guinea pigs say “weep weeep weeeeep!”

Merry Christmas!

Phew! Finished work for the Christmas holidays now, i have two lovely weeks off! I have some gifts to wrap and then i’m all ready for Christmas. I have a couple of projects i want to work on while i have some free time, i’m most excited about this Sackboy pattern i’m going to knit. I bought the magazine and wool a couple of weeks ago and i’ve had to hide them under my bed so i wouldnt be tempted to start it and neglect finishing off christmas presents ha ha!

To help spread a bit of festive cheer here is my Snow Bear painting transformed into a desktop for your computer or iPhone.

Click here to see: Fullscreen / Widscreen / iPhone


So things have been a little slow on the blog front lately because most of the crafting i’ve been doing lately has been making christmas presents so i cant post them and spoil any surprises!! But here is a quick picture of some new things that i may add to the shop soon. These are rough ones, ill get some pictures of finished ones tomorrow – but what are they?! :D

New items coming to the shop soon

Holly xox

Accidental new hair – one of my best buddies is a hairdresser at a posh salon. Last week she dyed my hair the most beautiful pale turquoise colour (just like a my little pony! eee!) but when i washed it most of the colour came out (i think because my hair is bleached so pale theres nothing for the colour to hold on to?)

So, last night i re-dyed it but it came out this super bright turquoise colour by accident. i love it!! At some point i will get a picture when im not in my pjs about to go to work! :D

And now... to work!

Holly xox

This is my new desk i made for my sewing machine to go on, i made it from a sheet of thick MDF and some cheap ikea table legs and painted it glittery white to match my bed :D

Would you believe it these pictures were taken right at the brightest, lightest part of the day?! The light in my flat is so terrible, i need to at least get a lamp of some kind so i can take nice pictures of things i make.

New Desk


It occured to me when making my dads birthday card that i can only paint cute stuff, or cute stuff thats been zombie-fied! ha! :D

My dads favourite colour is blue, so i painted him a very-blue bear!

Dads birthday cardHolly xox

I have just added 3 new prints to my shop; Purple Creature, Ladybird and Insides Out, limited to 30 pieces each.

They are fine giclee prints and come in a mount ready to frame or i can have them framed for you at an extra cost. :D

3 New Prints in my shop!