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Blue Faced Bunny-Yeti

Posted on Jun 17, 2010

Just added to the shop is the Blue Faced Bunny-yeti. As with all my plush-art the blue face bunny-yeti is unique and never to be repeated. He’s 9″ tall (not including his ears) with solid glass eyes, sculpted face and teeny weeny translucent teeth.

I sculpted his face from translucent polymer clay to give a skin-like appearance, then smoothed and painted before being sealed with several layers of protective lacquer. He has weighted feet so he can stand unassisted and weighted paws so they dangle nicely when you pick him up. His paw prints are made form individually cut felt pieces heat bonded to his paws. His ears have a wire armature so they can be posed how you wish. His body is made from luxury faux-fur fabrics and hand trimmed for a fluffy graduated effect. This is an art piece, and not intended for children.