A Little Stranger

After making the plain white DIY plush Dunnies i wanted to have a go at customising one. This little guys is 6″ tall and made up in a fine cotton polkadot fabric, with vintage lace embelishments on his tummy. I had been holding onto these little cameo buttons for a while and this just seemed like the perfect project for them, they give him a victorian-y/steam punk look. This is is a soft, squishy plush Dunny made from an original pattern by Holly Stanway, it’s not a vinyl custom :)


After all the work i did on my Applehead custom Dunny it really got me to thinking, what would Dunny look like in plush? so i made a couple! These guys are 6″ and 3″ respectively and made from off-white felt, in a DIY kinda stylee. These are soft, squishy plush Dunny’s made from original patterns by Holly Stanway, not vinyl customs :)

Edit: I also made a red polkadot plush Dunny


Toys meets crafting in this original cross stitch pattern I created inspired by my custom ‘Applehead” Dunny. This is a unique A Little Stranger pattern you won’t find anywhere else!

Design is 110 x 70 stitches in counted cross stitch. Avaliable in my show now!

My week in pictures this Friday includes; duck hunt, cactus fashion parade, cross stitch Dunny, teeny week doggies, Hello Kitty custom shoes, new hair, drum & bass and lots of other loveliness! Enjoy your weekend everybody, see you Monday for another instructable!