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T-Con the Toyconosaurs: GID, Pink and Gold T-Con

Posted on Oct 31, 2013


The ToyCon UK team have just announced  the latest colourway of their stomping Mascot, T-Con the Toyconosaurus. Made from intense glow in the dark vinyl and finished with hot pink, acid green and gold sprays, he’s ready to terrorise toy shelfs both day and night! T-Con is designed by The Hang Gang, sculpted and prototyped by A Little Stranger and produced by ToyCon UK and Unbox Industries. There is a post of the making of T-Con, right here on


They have been produced as a exclusive release for the T-con custom show which is taking place at Fleet River Bakery in London on Friday the 1st November, they are super limited and priced at £35. If you are set on adding one to your collection your best chance is to head to the party and grab one in person, If there are any remaining they will be on sale at the ToyCon UK Store on Saturday the 2nd November at Midday.