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Dr Paul Wilson: Custom 3″ Droplet Vinyl Toy

Posted on Jul 30, 2013



Dr Paul Wilson started life as a 3″ Droplet Vinyl figure. I sculpted the face directly onto the Droplet using glass eyes for realism and depth, before covering the figure with a handmade plush skin with long octopus tentacles. Each tentacle has a strong metal armature inside so he can bent into any pose and can stand unassisted. Dr Paul Wilson now stands at 9″ high (if he stands on his tip toes) and comes with his handmade, antiqued silver monocle and tiny, handpainted, ceramic tea cup.

Dr Paul Wilson is a private commission and is not for sale. I accept commissions for custom vinyl toys on all platforms, please get in touch;


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Work in progress: Sculpting the face onto the vinyl Droplet figure