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Mr JoJo Knows: Custom 8″ Cat Qee

Posted on Aug 14, 2012

Mr JoJo Knows is my piece for the Nosellots Super Show Shindig at the Screaming Sky Gallery, Portland, OR, USA.

Nosellots are hardworking, clever little creatures who love to share their knowledge. Mr JoJo Knows is a studious little character, who knows a lot about a lot of stuff! As all Nosellots, Mr JoJo Knows loves argyle, a comfy pair of corduroy slacks, and a smart gingham tie. He dosen’t even need glasses, he just likes them ’cause they make him look even smarter.

Mr JoJo Knows started life as an 8″ Cat Qee, i sculpted his face form scratch using polymer clay and glass eyes, and made him a faux fur hood for his head. I made his glasses from scratch using black acrylic, and finished him off with a specially made pair of corduroy slacks, an argyle knitted jumper and a teeny weeny bow tie.

Portland based Screaming Sky Gallery host a group art show featuring artwork inspired by Scott Tolleson’s Nosellots line of toys.
Featuring A Little Stranger, Abe Lincoln Jr., Aiee, Andy Linke, Angry Woebots, Ayleen Gaspar, Brandon Griffith, Dana Lechtenberg, Dril One, Frank Mysterio, Galen McKamy, George Gaspar, Jay222, Jeremiah Ketner, Jon Knox, J*Ryu, Julie West, kaNO, Karen Hsiao, Leecifer, Lil Japan, Luke Chueh, Michelle Coffee, Mike Egan, Nathan Hamill, Oliver Hilbert, Scott Tolleso, Shawnimals, ValleyDweller, and More.
1416 NE Alberta St. Porland, OR 97211