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Rainbow Bunnysaur: Custom 8″ Qee

Posted on Jul 9, 2012 in Custom Vinyl & Collaborations

The Rainbow Bunnysaur is my piece for the So So Happy x Toy2R artist collaboration series. Our brief for the project was to create a custom 8″ Qee  in the style of the colourful So So Happy characters. I love So So happy so i said yes to the project straight away and immediately started thinking about what I would like to create. I based my design on my favourite hoodie by So So Happy, I love wearing it and wanted to explore the idea of it being an all-in-one suit. My custom’s suit ended up somewhere between a between a bunny and a dinosaur, and so the Bunnysaur was born!

I sculpted her face in polymer clay and added synthetic purple hair. I wanted the custom to be equally recognisable as A Little Stranger, So So Happy and the 8″ Qee platform so I left her body as stock, she remains fully poseable.

You can see the Rainbow Bunnysaur and all the other great customs on display at San Diego Comic-Con – Booth #5038!


Starting on a new custom, a mini qee.

Sewing rainbow ears for an 8" qee custom

Painting her face. 8" qee custom

Without her rainbow ears she looks like Billy Hatcher :) 8" qee custom

8" qee is finished! Will get some proper pictures up soon :) ❤