A Little Stranger

Its been another busy week for Holly; Good clients, bad clients, stressful deadlines and lots of work! Last Friday was all about unwinding, so we took a trip to Hospitality at the O2 to shake our bums to some drum and bass!

The week before last i won tickets to Hospital Records Q+A+E at the BME, London, featuring Danny Byrd, John B and Emalkay. Photos weren’t allowed but i took one anyway cos i’m such a rebel, ha! I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, and thought i might be overwhelmed by the techy-ness off it all, but it was really interesting seeing how the big boys in Drum and Bass make music and i followed pretty much all of it. Danny Bryd did a fascinating vocal recording demonstration, and hearing John B talk about the whole blandwagon poos thing was hillarious. (“rude name, same bassline, fuck off!”) I ran into John B in the BME just before the Q+A was due to start, but i got too shy to say hi, now i feel like a big fat baby and wish i’d gotten over myself and said hello :)

John B
London Elektricity

Hospitality was fucking insane, i literally danced till i could dance no more, right at the front for a good deal of it. We got there a little into Danny Byrds set which was incredible, then it was High Contrast, who did a D&B remix of ‘ show me love’. Noisia smaaaaaashed it, London Elektricity was awesome and thoroughly entertaining with his onstage antics. John B’s set was something else, i was so excited i barely knew what to do with myself! Big thanks and love to London Elektricity for putting me and Jonjo on guestlist :)

Getting ready in the hotel

Vicky and Louis got a hotel room for the night of Hospitality, 4* thats how we roll! The bed had these funny sausage shaped pillows which made a fine pair of legs after a couple of Sailor Jerry’s.

This ‘art’ was on the hotel wall. heeeeeaaay!

I realised this week that the Punisher still fits in my pocket.

This is a cross stitch sampler i made for Maddi’s birthday/moving in present. I searched ’sausage dog cross illustration’ and came across this cuuuuuute drawing of a sausage dog by Jane Foster, which i then worked into a cross stitch pattern using Macstitch. I posted a couple of pictures while it was a work in progress so here’s the finished article!

I only had Christmassy wrapping paper so i hid the Santas with bows, when i ran out of bows i disguised the last santa as a drawing of Maddi. Sly, i know

And now some tunes that are destroying my ears with their awesomeness!

Foreign Beggars & Noisia – contact

Basement Jaxx – Twerk (Sub Focus remix)

Logistics – Eastern Promise

Danny Byrd ft liquid – Sweet Harmony


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