A Little Stranger

The party was held at the fifty fifty gallery in Bristol and it was PACKED! The que was all the way round the corner and the Droplets sold out in less than an hour! Big props to Gav for putting on such a great event.


There were gorgeous Droplet cupcakes by Cakeology (unfortunately we didn’t get there early enough to try one, they flew off the cake stands!) A big droplet to sign, droplet stickers, name badges, t shirts, tote bags. It was raining droplets! It was brilliant to see all the customs up close after seeing some sneaky pics on the web, and i met lots of lovely people as well as catching up with  friends :D

Pictures of my custom here

Doc18 has photos of all the customs here


Photo by Rick Nunn

Me with my custom (from my flickr365project)

After the show we went to a couple of pubs with various toy peeps, and had a thoroughly lovely time. Phil made a giant straw, we all took turns being ‘Babs’ :D


Massive David Blaine (from my flickr 365 project)

We spent the next day soaking up the sights of Bristol, after a fry up at the Boston Tea Party. We checked out the Forbidden Planet there and i treated myself to some Friends with You blind boxes.



3 Responses to “Droplet Launch Night”

  • Lauren Says:

    Wow, what an awesome launch night! I’d love to see the Droplets in person after seeing the photos from Doc18. ^^ They’re awesome!


  • Gav Says:

    Woop woop! Thanks so much for being a part of it and for coming down, I really appreciate it!! :)



  • Holly Says:

    Lauren – yeah it was a lot of fun! Doc18’s pictures captured them all really well

    Gav – no, thanks you! i had a lovely time and it was great to be involved, biggest bestest of luck with the droplets dude! :)


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